Saturday, December 3, 2016


Those of you who have come to DADT in the past know that our drag show isnt your normal drag show. We generally dont pull any punches. This month is going to be no different. In fact its going to be much more raw.

For those of you who dont know, #NoFilter is the edgiest, least PC, most wild and occasionally disgusting drag show you could ever attend. Its held at Jacques Cabaret each month and attendees usually end up with some kind of sauce in their hair or on their clothes before they leave. This month DADT is teaming up with #NoFilter to bring you a 'holiday' drag show of grotesque proportions. Expect to laugh, cry and be offended. This is drag at a whole new level.

Featuring the entire #NoFilter troop:
Violencia Exclamation Point
Emphysema Menthol One Hundereds
Severity Stone
Belle Bottoms
Raquel Supreeze

Wear a red and green raincoat. Its gonna get nasty.

With very special guest- DJ Judy
Spinning classic gay house anthems from the past 30 years.

Plus resident DJ Colby Drasher serving up his selection of poppin party bangers that will have you begging for more boozy eggnog.

Mistletoe will be everywhere so you can find a cozy spot to make out on the dance floor or in some dark corner.

Projections and Photography by DADT resident media man Nick Day.

'All are welcome who welcome all' to Boston's queer party for everybody. Straight, gay, trans, queer- everybody. We love you.

So come get nasty with us this holiday season,
you will regret it we promise.

10 dollars
Great Scott

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