Thursday, November 3, 2016


The music softens.
People close around the stage.
Your heart begins to race.
You hear your name announced over the speakers.
People cheer.
You walk slowly onto the stage.
You're wearing something glitzy af.
Your song comes on.
You go ham.
People start screaming and throwing dollar bills at you.
Eyes widen as you give it your all.
Your lipsync is flawless.
You actually pulled off every syllable.
That cutie youve been eyeing all night is in the corner living for your female impersonation of Cyndi Lauper on E.
The last note of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is played.
All those hours of thinking I could do drag flash before your eyes.
And you have learnt something new and bold about yourself.
Just one night of giving it a shot-
could 10 years later be you couldnt imagine your life without it.
And you have learnt something new and bold about yourself.

Virgin Nights II, DADT's second event solely devoted to all new comers to drag. First timers. Its a magical evening full of expression and encouragement.

To sign up please email in advance with your drag name and your song in mp3 format. Deadline to sign up is Nov 21st.

Drag is composed of many elements. It is a statement on gender identity and challenges our beliefs. It is performance art. It is also reality. Please respect each artists interpretation of drag in whatever form they conceive it. The best drag is entertaining but also enlightening.

*********** Special guest DJ ***********
'Just Alex'

Alex is one of resident DJ Colby's closest friends.

He is really smart which means hes gonna be a really good dj just for you.


**** resident dj colby drasher ****
per usual going in for the big drop

Inspiring projections and photography courtesy of nick day.

'All are welcome who welcome all' Boston's queer dance party for everyone. Almost 7 years old, winner of lots of awards. House to those who just wanna be themselves. Is that too much to ask?

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