Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DONT ASK DONT TELL: Tribute to TWIN PEAKS w/ Guest DJ Diver

"A drunken man walks in a way that is quite impossible for a sober man to imitate, and vice versa. An evil man has a way, no matter how clever — to the trained eye, his way will show itself. Am I being too secretive? No. One can never answer questions at the wrong moment. Life, like music, has a rhythm. This particular song will end with three sharp notes, like deathly drumbeats." - Log Lady

25 years have passed since the original pilot aired of Twin Peaks...
.....and a lot can happen in 25 years.

As the return of this epic David Lynch classic approaches, DADT takes a moment to give tribute to it.

We are pulling out all the stops to make that coffee as black as it can be by dipping deep into all that Twin Peaks stands for.

We will be hiding Laura Palmer's diaries around Great Scott. The first person to find the real one receives free entry to DADT for the rest of 2015!

A misty northwest cocktail menu featuring beverages such as the David Duchovny Cross Dresser.

Look-a-like contests!!!
who looks/vibes the most like:

Dale Cooper
Audrey Horn
Log Lady


Very excited to announce SPECIAL guest DJ Diver!! (Zuzeday/Machine Fridays) He is gonna wrap you in plastic with his booty scorchers. Not to be missed as much as Laura herself.

Resident DJ Colby Drasher will play hits from the 90s sprinkled among bangers that will keep you moving all night! plus of course the twin peaks theme a lot, as well as other jams from the show.

DADT Drag show with acts so close the show itself you will think you got sucked into the TV.

Projections scattered across the walls that will haunt your dreams courtesy of Nick Day. He will also be stealing your soul with his camera- so looks pretty and put on your death stare.

DADT: Tribute to Twin Peaks
Just what Dr. Jacoby ordered.


Great Scott
10 bux