Saturday, October 5, 2013


How does DADT do Halloween? BIG. AND IN STYLE.

What better way to celebrate the approaching All Hallows Eve then with one of the top electronic music producers in the world? There isn't a better way. Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce Brenmar to the stage. [cue lights]

Maybe you didnt hear me... I said BRENMAR.

What has Brenmar done? Let me lay down the leather studded carpet first, I dont wanna get any celebrity footwear dirty.

He has produced tracks for Nina Sky, Mykki Blanco and Tigga Calore. He has worked on original tracks in the studio with some of musics freshest names including MikeQ, DJ Sliink, DJ Rashad, Zebra Katz and DJ Fade. He has released HUGE remixes of Cassie, Aaliyah, Kirko Bangz, Kanye West, Beyonce, Rihanna, Ashanti, Nguzuguzu, and Jamie Foxx. He has had his own BBC Radio 1 broadcast being a featured artist on Diplo and Friends show. Shall I stop there? No. Lets keep going. Brenmar was named FADER's Top 10 producers to watch and released mixtapes for them, XLR8R, and Fact Magazine.

What can't this 28 year old artist accomplish? Pretty much nothing. With over 20k followers on Soundcloud and countless fans worldwide Brenmar is a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Chicago and NYC this producer makes, in his own words, "Club music for the present".

DADT is honored to have him come to Boston the weekend before Halloween to show us a reaaaal good time. But in real horrorshow fashion Brenmar will be joined by many other fabulous acts, including:

Leah V

Coming back to the DADT stage Leah is winner of Boston Music Awards BEST DJ OF 2011. She is also proud curator and DJ of the long time running and well respected Zuzdays at Zuzu, alongside Blk.Adonis, Brizgnar and at one time D'hana and Rizzla. Her reach extends across the city pulling the community together with her sickening style and good vibes, hosting parties from Downtown to JP to Somerville. Just getting back from San Francisco DJing for the west coast she is ready to turn it up. Leah is a local legend. And she will prove that to you.


Swelta is music enthusiast, DJ, promoter, writer, and producer Anthony Dean. Spawned in the young but livid electronic music scene of Austin Texas in 2007, he is currently based in Boston Massachusetts. Swelta plays around the United States pushing the sounds of numerous genres and world regions. From House to Dancehall, from Ballroom to Balearic House, and the early sounds of Dubstep to the battleground of Chicago Footwork, Swelta's vision is one of musical unity through diversity. He is Co-Founder of the Austin, Texas based music collective the Void ATX and affiliate of #FEELINGS Records ~ Swelta's energy is infectious.

Colby Drasher

DADT's curator and Resident DJ. Colby has gained a reputation for luring crowds with new material currently being released from across musical genres. The motto he implemented for DADT almost 3 years ago reigns as his impetus; All are welcome who welcome all. His musical selections are empowering and high energy.



A drag show to unearth. DADT is proud to bring back to the stage many of its best performers. So get those dollaz dollaz ready for:


Of course the night wouldnt be complete without the outstanding visuals courtesy of Nick Day. Transforming each event with new collages canvasing pop culture, Nick stimulates the minds eye with his work. When you aren't staring at the show you will be staring at the glow.

DADT is always pro with lights as you know. But this month we are super duper excited to bring Scott Hadley back in full force. This super enthusiastic one and only will ensure the beats match the lights on your feat.

Come freaky, sexy, or fly. Just dont miss this special event.



$10 BEFORE 11
$15 AFTER 11

 GREAT SCOTT 10/26/13