Friday, March 11, 2016

Dont Ask Dont Tell: Prom Night in Allston w/ guest DJs Pink0 and manu.

This is a queer prom.
This is a prom in Allston Rock City.
This is a prom for the kids who dont give a fuck.
This is a Dont Ask Dont Tell Prom.

All the glitz and all the grime.

"All are welcome who welcome all" to DADT's 2nd prom ever!
This time we're strapping on our gowns and pulling on our faux fur coats with twice the audacity. Come as a single fox, with a date, or with a gaggle of party fiends you all have a place behind Great Scott's 'pearly' gates.

Wear what you ACTUALLY wanted to wear to your prom.
Bring who you ACTUALLY wanted to bring to your prom.
Dance with who you ACTUALLY wanted to get humpy with.

w/ luxurious guest DJs
Pink0 (Resisdance)



and resident DJ
Colby Drasher

PLUS a drag show that will remind you how fortunate you are not to be in High School anymore. Line up TBA. But itll be juicy as usual.

To HEIGHTEN your senses we are bringing the lovely Scott Hadley back to overload you with his precision crafted light show! Paired up with our house projection artist Nick Day, you wont be able to escape the fate of Carrie herself.

No Dress Code.
But it is a prom so interpret that as you will.
Cum early. Stay late.
10 dollars
We love you. Love each other.

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