Thursday, June 11, 2015


You're a punk. Im a punk. Lets be punks together.

DADT is all about shattering boundaries and expectations. We are the alternative to mainstream gay culture and intend to keep it that way. So when the legendary punk rock band Pansy Division came to us and wanted to play DADT, what did we say? HELL YES.

Here is a lil background on the band:

PANSY DIVISION blew the closet doors open when they began performing in 1991 in San Francisco. There have been gay musicians hidden throughout rock music history, but Pansy Division were the first to be so boldly open about it. Founded by guitarist/singer Jon Ginoli and soon joined by bassist/vocalist Chris Freeman, with the intent of forming a gay rock band. Raised on a diet of 60s pop and 70s punk, their sound was suitably crunchy and catchy as hell. They wrote in-your-face lyrics, but did it with a sense of humor. Not only did their music and stance defy stereotypic norms of rock musicians being openly gay, they also broke gay cultural stereotypes that rock wouldn't interest gay people.

So what does all this mean?
It means tear out those ripped jeans and that leather jacket cuz its time to fist pump! OI OI!

DADT resident DJ Colby Drasher will be on the 1 and 2's delivering club gold laced with rock anthems! Expect a grimy and filthy selection of jams.

Our drag game will be strong as usual this month. If you missed last months drag show you missed ONE HELL OF A TIME. Only to be outdone this event of course by our seasoned queens.

In house photographer Nick Day will be synthesizing your souls with his camera and projecting amplified rock realness across the walls of Great Scott with his VJ skills.

10 Bux
Doors 9pm -2am

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