Friday, August 30, 2013


You are the consumer. You are the brand. You are the Target. You are the image. Blessed be to you for living in the west. The security of falling asleep in your warm little bed because you were a good little consumer and bought everything you wanted. Andy Warhol would have loved you.

In honor of your material nature we are holding an event where you can "celebrate" your "individualism".

The theme is BRANDS. Which one do you hate? Love? Show it. So will we- and this is how.

DADT is pleased to announce we will be hosting the marvelous SAINT PEPSI on our stage!

Saint Pepsi is a young producer with the midas touch. Taking funk and hip hop samples to the next level he creates and performs infectious dance tracks. Such as his single "Better" which very recently was just played in a dance mix by LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy out in LA. This boy is taking the music scene by storm. Being written up in blogs and music magazines alike, his popularity is on a sharp incline. Check out these articles for instance:

Now, and with NEW material to be featured just for us, this master of party is landing on the DADT stage for the school kick off party of the year! So before Saint Pepsi tours the world, come and take the Pepsi challenge. We promise you won't be disappointed. Here are more links to the holiest of performers.

But thats not all.

Resident DJ Colby Drasher is pouring gasoline on his turntables in preparation to set the dance floor on fire. This year alone Colby has opened up for Pictureplane, MikeQ, LE1F, Mykki Blanco, Pajaritos and spun alongside numerous other talented Boston DJ's such as Blk. Adonis, Brizgnar, Leah V, Swelta, El Poser and Fuzzy Fotch. He is honored to open for Saint Pepsi and is ready to keep the crowd hollering all night long.

There is still more. And its real good news.

September is bringing some of DADT's favorite VICIOUS and FABULOUS queens back to our Drag Stage! Hold your breath, this line up is gonna make you sweat.


Madge of Honor
Anaol Fetale
Rose Hell
Qya Bellagio Cristal LeRue
Auntie Christ
Severity Stone

Some of the best in the business. Seriously.

This on top of being surrounded by the one and only psychedelic video projections of Nick Day. You are sure to lose yourself deep .

And of course our fabulous lighting lady Kerri will be repping DADT's rented lighting show. We love a big production.

Cut up that miller high life shirt and spray it down with glitter. This is DADT: SAINT PEPSI. Its time to give thanks.



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